• Vincenzo ORIOLES (Udine, Italie)
    Plurilingualism: interpretative models, terminology and institutional effects
    2004, Vol. IX-2, pp. 11-30

    The present study deals with several questions related to the conceptual and applicative background of plurilingualism, a technical term which covers a group of phenomena connected with the simultaneous use of more than one language or language variety in the competence of one individual or in the repertoire of a linguistic community. First of all the Author presents a thorough analysis of the evolution of the cultural sensibility in front of a theme which, although removed in the past, is nowadays a central issue in scientific researches. An in-depth study of the notion of plurilingualism throughout the years as well as an analysis of other technical terms strictly connected follow in order to understand the institutional effects due to this renewed interest in the phenomenon. Finally a description of scientific activities is presented and research carried out in the field of plurilingualism by the International Centre of Plurilingualism of the University of Udine is then presented.