• Frédérique BRIN-HENRY (Centre Hospitalier de Bar-le-Duc)
    Using corpus-based analyses in specialised paramedical French
    2014, Vol. XIX-1, pp. 103-115

    Diagnostic labels used in assessment reports in Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) show inconsistent semantic and syntactic variations. In this article we describe the way SLT terminology relates to the patients’ situation and the representations held by the professionals for each pathological condition. A corpus of 436 French reports was used to extract the most frequently used terms (such as “difficulté(s)”), to perform an analysis of the labelling process (e.g.: test usage, diagnosis according to patient age group and pathology) and to describe the most salient semantic and syntactic properties (e.g.: dynamic factor, use of prepositions “de/à”). Two major categories emerged with terms expressing on the one hand a procedural or functional and on the other hand a more systemic conception of the pathology. The aim is to establish new basis for a more accurate taxonomy.