Contrastive analysis

  • Lucie GOURNAY (Paris-Est Créteil)
    Connectors and the expression of contrast: a French-English comparative study
    2011, Vol. XVI-2, pp. 75-89

    This paper focuses on the contribution supplied by a cross-linguistic approach of the diversity of discourse connectives. It includes two case-studies, which aim at implementations in the lexicological and teaching fields: first, the non equivalence of mais / but when sentence-initial mais does not mark an argumentative opposition; second, false cognates actually / actuellement which hardly ever correspond. These two complementary case-studies illustrate two cases of non direct translation.

  • Stéphane PATIN (Université Paris-Diderot-Paris 7)
    Discourse in the European Parliament : the case of translation from French into Spanish
    2014, Vol. XIX-1, pp. 71-86

    This article aims to show the importance of the phenomenon of linguistic interference in French speeches initially presented in the European Parliament between 2000 and 2011, then transcribed and translated into Spanish, that were constituted in a parallel corpus. We will speak of interference when the Spanish translation contains Gallicisms of a lexical, (morpho)syntactical or semantic nature.