• Jeannine GERBAULT (Bordeaux)
    TIC : panorama des espaces d'interaction et de rétroaction pour l'apprentissage de l'écriture en langue étrangère
    (ICT: A Panorama of Spaces of Interaction and Feedback for the Learning of Written Expression in a Foreign Language)
    2010, Vol. XV-2, pp. 37-52

    Today, the reflection about the potential of ICT for language learning and teaching unfolds in several directions. To the contribution of multimodality in learning environments is now added that of the new devices for communication and collaboration. We examine these contributions in a systematic manner in relation to the specific position of the foreign language (L2) writer as well as to his/her activity and production. After clarification of the concepts of writing and of learning how to write, and of our definitions of a few terms, I present the key concepts and factors that I believe should be taken into account in analyzing the ICT resources supporting the learning of L2 writing, then I present the devices themselves and their functionalities, in order to establish how they meet the criteria that have been outlined.