• Aurélie PICTON, Cécile FABRE & Didier BOURIGAULT (Toulouse / Toulouse)
    Méthodes linguistiques pour l’expansion de requêtes. Une expérience basée sur l’utilisation du voisinage distributionnel
    (Linguistic methods for expanding queries. An experiment based on the use of distributional closeness)
    2008, Vol. XIII-1, pp. 83-95

    This paper reports the results of a query expansion experiment making use of semantic data produced by a program that automatically performs the distributional analysis of a large corpus. This method allows us to take into account relations that go beyond classic lexical relations. We look at these results from both a global and a local perspective, showing that such broader and corpus-based semantic relations may be useful, provided that the expansion is controlled by a filtering technique based on the texts of the database (distributional feedback), and by an analysis of the query linguistic characteristics.