• Jean JOUQUAN, Florence PARENT & Marie-Claude AUDÉTAT (Faculté de médecine, Université de Brest / Université Libre de Bruxelles / Université de Montréal)
    Des analogies entre le raisonnement médical et l’évaluation formative
    (Analogies between medical reasoning and formative evaluation)
    Vol. XVIII, -, pp. 93-106

    Many points of convergence or genuine similarities are commonly identified between the fields of health and education. More specifically, this paper aims to examine the hypothesis that there is a significant analogy between clinical medical reasoning and formative learning assessment. From basic definitions, the authors first examine how clinical reasoning and formative learning assessment are two clinical approaches, highlighting the epistemological tensions they share. Then, through comparative approach, they analyse successively similarities or distinctions between the two activities, with respect to several attributes, including objects, processes and postures they imply. Analyses mainly refer to the clinical reasoning of doctors and formative assessment is particularly considered in the context of formative supervision in the clinical training context.