Jurisprudence of the European Court of Justice of the European Union

P. Gréciano 2014, Vol. XIX-1, pp. 59-70
The Court of Justice of the European Union plays an essential role in the process of European construction and integration. As a guardian of the distribution of power between member states, the Union and institutions, the Court has developed a bold jurisprudence, written judgments of reference, made innovative rulings and modernized legislations responding to the challenges of globalization. The language of the European judgments and their translation are symbolic examples of specialized discourses that affect all areas outlined in the Treaties. This juridical language contributes in an effective manner to the consecration of the economic and social laws, as well as to the emergence of a European citizenship. After calling to mind the essentials that make this common law, this article highlights the complementary contributions of the law and linguistic to produce jurisprudence capable of constructing a Union of rights in the sphere of freedom, security and justice.