• Louis-Jean BOË, Hélène LŒVENBRUCK & Anne VILAIN (Grenoble)
    Research in oral communication: recent developments
    2008, Vol. XIII-2, pp. 5-7
  • Barbara DAVIS, Sophie KERN, Anne VILAIN & Claire LALEVÉE (Austin, États-Unis / Grenoble)
    From babbling to Babel: first steps in speech development
    2008, Vol. XIII-2, pp. 81-91

    The first year of development of the human infant is a period during which speech perception and production capacities evolve with very distinct and asynchronous paths. While many studies about perception have revealed extremely precocious processing skills, speech production has been less explored, being a much less manageable field of research. We are reviewing here recent studies about the emergence of speech production capacities, and we will show how longitudinal as well as transversal data can bring out the anatomical and motor constraints that shape the first utterances of babies, and the strategies that these babies elaborate to utter their first linguistic units.

  • Hélène LŒVENBRUCK, Anne VILAIN & Marion DOHEN (Grenoble)
    From gestural pointing to vocal pointing in the brain
    2008, Vol. XIII-2, pp. 23-33

    Deixis, or pointing, is the ability to draw the viewer/listener’s attention to an object, a person, a direction or an event. Pointing is involved at different stages of human communication development, in multiple modalities: first with the eyes, then with the finger, then with intonation and finally with syntax. It is ubiquitous and probably universal in human interactions. The role of index-finger pointing in language acquisition suggests that it may be a precursor of vocal pointing or that vocal pointing may be grounded in the same cerebral network as gestural pointing.