• Augusta MELA (Montpellier 3)
    Linguists and NLP-specialists may work together: location and analysis of gloses
    2004, Vol. IX-1, pp. 63-82

    This paper is related with a collective linguistic research project about the word and its gloss. Just like definitions, glosses catch 'the spoken experience of the meaning'. In French texts, this metalinguistic activity appears in words such as c'est-à-dire, ou, signifier. These signs can clarify the nature of the semantical relationship between two words: specification with au sens, equivalency with ou, c'est-à-dire, nomination with dit, baptisé, hyponymy with en particulier, comme, hyperonymy with et/ou autre(s), etc. Glosses can be automatically located because of both their marks and the features of their configurations. This paper describes an automatical retriever implementation, using 'ou glosses' as 'un magazine électronique, ou webzine' and a data-processing environment 'for linguists', namely the textual base Frantext and its Stella query language interpreter.