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    This article tries to define the implications of the present evolution of creoles, which are essentially oral languages, towards writing. It aims to show that proceeding to the written form is not merely a technical question, but a multi-faceted problem, due to the fact that the conditions of communication are very different in writing as compared to the oral. The development of an autonomous literature plays in this regard a determining role.

  • Marie-Christine HAZAËL-MASSIEUX (Aix-en-Provence)
    The writing of French creoles at the dawn of the 3rd millennium: an inventory
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    The attitude of native speakers of Creoles with regard to written Creoles and vis-a-vis the "standardizing" efforts of linguists is an important subject which needs to be constantly re-examined. In the face of the general trend towards the standardization of Creole graphic systems, the reaction of speakers, themselves potential writers, has changed very little. The militants, for their part, would like to see all obstacles to written Creole swiftly removed in those places where Creoles writing is not in favor. Different cases involving different countries must be taken into account in order to arrive at a better understanding of the kinds of situations in which written Creole languages develop, whatever the degree to which diglossia or even various types of multilingualism may be present.