• Nathalie GASIGLIA (Lille 3)
    The co-operation of Cordial Analyser and Unitex for optimising corpus extractions
    2004, Vol. IX-1, pp. 45-62

    A well-delimited linguistic study - a semantico-syntactic analysis of the use of the verbs donner 'to give' and passer 'to pass' in the language of soccer - presents a useful framework for the development of quality reflection on documentary resources that can form an instructive concentrated electronic corpus and for the introduction of the notion of 'thematic corpus of high efficiency'. In order to explore a thus constructed corpus, two tools that generate concordances and provide syntactic analyses, Cordial Analyseur and Unitex, are put to the test. The description of their shared functionality and specificity, as well as of their weak points induced me to formulate an original proposal: to make these two tools function together so that their strategically used complementarity allows to formulate searches of certain complexity using confirmed analysis reliability and a capacity to mark every identified element in the generated concordances tagged in the XML language.