• Nathalie GARRIC & Denis MAUREL (Tours)
    Disambiguating proper nouns by use of local grammars
    2000, Vol. V-2, pp. 85-100

    This paper is part of the PROLEX project of automatic processing of proper nouns. Our objective consists, with the help of the computer, not only in identifying the various occurrences of the definite proper noun (modified or not modified), but also in tagging them with a relevant type of interpretation: referential, denominative, model, metaphoric or split. After the elaboration of a typology of the various uses of the definite proper noun, we try to extract the formal and lexical indications allowing for the deambiguation of the referential and semantic functioning of the proper noun. After isolating these differential units (e.g. determiners, adjectives, predicates of existence), we build local grammars intended for automatic recognition.