• Pablo GAMALLO (Lisbonne, Portugal)
    Lexical bases and 'heritage' systems on the basis of meronymy relationships
    2000, Vol. V-2, pp. 45-56

    The majority of lexical databases and computerized thesauri are organised on the principle of a system of lexical 'heritage' based on taxonomic relationships (IS_A). This relationship is perceived as the channel through which the lexical information is passed. We claim, however, that the transfer of information in a lexical thesaurus can also take place through other kinds of relationships. In this respect, we analyse the 'heritage mechanism' based on the mereonymic relationship COMPOSED_OF. The main object of this paper is to characterise the framework of a lexical system based on a system of mereonymic relationships, i.e. a system which will allow for a whole to inherit the information of its parts. Further, we want to demonstrate that this type os heritage allows for a model of metonymic interpretation of polysemic nouns.