• David BANKS (Brest)
    Analyses of specialized discourse: the case of English
    2001, Vol. VI-2, pp. 7-16

    In the area of English studies, discourse analysis is carried out mainly within the framework of a functional theory. The best known of these theories is Systemic Functional Linguistics. Nevertheless, in France, the « théories de l'énonciation » have a role to play. Many studies take as their starting point the notion of genre, as defined by Swales. The contribution of non-verbal elements to a text constitutes a fertile area of research. Discourse analysis is not restricted to contemporary texts and diachronic studies have been carried out, notably in the area of scientific discourse. In addition to syntactic and semantic studies, there is work from a sociolinguistic point of view. Critical Discourse Analysis and Appraisal Theory are approaches that take the subjectivity of the analyst into account. Among the applications of discourse analysis in France, the attempt to help the French researcher publish in an international context is particularly important.