• Yves BESTGEN (Université Catholique de Louvain)
    Evaluation of texts in English as a foreign language and phraseological series: comparison of two freely accessible automatic procedures
    2019, Vol. XXIV-1, pp. 81-94

    When automatically evaluating the quality of a text written in a foreign language, phraseological series are frequently neglected while their mastery is a major component of learning. Recently, two automatic systems capable of taking them into account in English have been made freely available: the COCA Parser and TAALES. The study evaluates the effectiveness and utility of these systems by applying them to two sets of learner texts. While both systems proved to be relatively effective, only the COCA Parser was able to learn a predictive model on one dataset and successfully apply it to another. It is also the only one of the two systems that produces a file allowing a qualitative analysis of the evaluated texts.