French as the language of schooling (FLSCO)

  • Martine CHOMENTOWSKI (Université de Fribourg Suisse)
    Learning in French in order to learn French: from French as a foreign or second language (FLE/2) to French as a second language or as the language of schooling (FLS/FLSCO), the example of mathematical competencies
    2014, Vol. XIX-2, pp. 57-70

    In the OECD countries, children are students. The findings concerning the generally poor school results obtained by children of migrant families ask for a reorientation of French as a Foreign Language (FLE), French as a Second Language (FLS). This reorientation will be called French as a Language of Scolarity (FLSCO). The idea behind it is to allow these children a harmonious school time that can lead them towards the profession of their choice. This way all teaching matters become a way of training the FLSCO. As an axample, this article tries to highlight the educational position of  FLSCO through teaching the names of large numbers in French, which normally fall within the scope of mathematics.