• Déborah MÉLIGNE (INSERM Toulouse)
    ERPs and lexical access for target words and related prime words vs unrelated prime words
    2012, Vol. XVII-2, pp. 49-63

    Numerous studies have shown that the processing of a target word can be influenced by the nature of its relationship with a preceding prime word (target word’s processing being facilitated when it is related to the prime). In this study, we assessed the question of whether it is also possible to observe such priming effects even when subjects are unaware of the relationship, or even the presence of the prime itself. Secondly we compared different types of words to explore possible processing differences depending on grammatical and/or semantic classes. We expected to show a facilitation for treatment of the word when it is preceded by an identical one (whereas when both were different no facilitation could be observed), meaning that semantic processing is automatic. Moreover, if we observe any differences between nouns, action- and cognition-related verbs it could reflect a different cerebral organization according to grammatical and/or semantic characteristics.