Presentation of the journal
ISSN : 1386-1204 (hard copy) 1875-368X (online)

Revue Française de Linguistique Appliquée (RFLA) is an international and interdisciplinary peer-reviewed Journal in the broad field of applied linguistics. The journal is open all areas of research involving the application of linguistics and seeks to give an up-to-date and varied account of current issues in applied linguistics.

RFLA aims to target researchers whose area of enquiry draws on language and linguistics in a variety of domains of application such as language learning/acquisition, language disorders, variation studies, translation, language planning, lexicography, natural language processing…

Current issue

Multilingualism: diversity of approaches

Vol. XXIII-2 December 2018

The articles listed below focuse on the multilingualism – omnipresent today and boosted by the development of digital technologies – and how much it changed the usual approaches in all areas of applied linguistics: acquisition and learning, interaction, language disorders, translation, sociolinguistics, language policy. Far from exhausting such a vast area, these articles are an invitation to further explore these issues.