• Ray WILKINSON (Londres, Grande-Bretagne)
    Applying conversation analysis to aphasic talk: From investigation to intervention
    2006, Vol. XI-2, pp. 99-110

    The analysis of interactions involving one or more speakers with aphasia, a language disorder acquired following brain damage, is an area of 'applied conversation analysis' (and applied linguistics) which has been the focus of a growing number of studies in recent years. It is also an area in which conversation analysis can be seen to have informed both intervention studies by researchers and the clinical practice of professionals working with these speakers and their families. This paper provides an overview of some of the main findings about aphasic talk which have been made by researchers drawing on conversation analytic findings into the structure of aspects of ordinary, non-aphasic, talk such as repair organization and turn organization, and indicates some of the ways in which this approach to aphasia has been used within intervention studies and everyday professional practice.