• Piek VOSSEN (Amsterdam, Pays-Bas)
    WordNet, EuroWordNet and Global WordNet
    2002, Vol. VII-1, pp. 27-38

    In this article we aim to present the architecture of the database WordNet, organised in order to represent conceptual relations, and set up initially for the English language, as well as its extensions made under the name of EuroWordNet for seven other European languages.

  • Piek VOSSEN (Amsterdam, Pays-Bas)
    Linguistic knowledge for more precision, richer answers and flexible systems
    2008, Vol. XIII-1, pp. 23-39

    Irion Technologies is a language technology company at Delft (The Netherlands) that incorporates linguistic knowledge to build new generations of information systems: conceptual retrieval, automatic extraction of terms and ontologies and open-domain dialogue systems. These systems are multi-lingual and cross-lingual and combine statistical, machine learning techniques with linguistic techniques. We have carried out evaluations of some of these systems. For information retrieval, we found advantages with respect to standard statistical approaches within special experimental settings that focus on ambiguity. Term extraction is clearly benefiting from rich linguistic knowledge and resources. Dialogue systems depend on the communicative models and systems that also require deep linguistic processing. From our perspective, language technology is definitely helping to make applications better and necessary to develop new applications.