• Louis-Jean BOË, Nathalie VALLÉE, Jean-Luc SCHWARTZ, Christian ABRY & Redda BERRAH (Grenoble / INPG-Grenoble)
    La matérialité des structures sonores du langage
    (The material aspect of sound structures in language)
    1996, Vol. I-1, pp. 41-54

    Do the major tendencies of phonological systems of languages depend on constraints of production and perception ? This problem has been studied in the framework of "substance oriented" linguistics, which was introduced simultaneously by Lindblom and Stevens in 1972. Various universal tendencies of phonological systems that might be explained by the characteristics of the sound structures and could be looked upon from an ontogenetical perspective, will be presented and discussed here. The characteristics and the predictability of vocalic and syllabic systems seem to be eminently suited for the study of this question on the basis of research carried out at the ICP.

  • Nathalie VALLÉE & Louis-Jean BOË (INPG-Grenoble / Grenoble)
    La base de données UPSID : objectif et utilisation
    (The UPSID database: its aims and its use)
    1999, Vol. IV-1, pp. 7-19

    The search for universal tendencies in the languages of the world is undoubtedly a necessary axis for any theoretical perspective in linguistics. We present here UPSID (UCLA Phonological Segment Inventory Database, Maddieson, 1986 ; Maddieson & Precoda, 1990). This database contains phonological data which are genetically balanced and the description of which is harmonized. We implemented it in ICP to enrich typological researches on vowels, diphthongs and consonants. We have analysed UPSID with the help of an original methodology which not only confirm or make more precise some regularities already stressed on, but also brings up new data.