• Philippe THOIRON & Henri BÉJOINT (Lyon 2)
    Dénominations, définitions et génériques
    (Denomination, definition and generics)
    1998, Vol. III-2, pp. 57-70

    In our work on denomination, which is based on a multilingual comparative approach of pluri-terms naming artefacts, we have noticed that the relationship between denomination and definition is not a simple one-way system. There exists a "warping" phenomenon which appears in the definition, especially in the choice of the generic, in which it is difficult not to see the influence of the naming elements. The complementarity between denomination and definition should encourage a new terminographic approach in which the definition should take more into account information which, directly or indirectly, can be conveyed by the denomination itself. This type of definition is considered to be particularly useful in tools to be used in language engineering.