• Marie-Claude PFAUWADEL-MONFRAIS & Nadia TEITLER (Hôpital Necker, Paris)
    La décomposition de la syllabe chez le bègue : évidence phonétique, interprétation phonologique et perspectives de remédiation
    (Decomposing the syllable of the stutterer: phonetic evidence, phonological interpretation and methods for remediation)
    1996, Vol. I-1, pp. 65-80

    In a study of the production of six stutterers, the authors of the present article aim to analyse the influence of phonology on the cleaving of syllables that is characteristic of this speech trouble. Part of the study is devoted to the causes of very frequent inintelligibility of stutterers, and to the necessity for those speakers to restructure certain syntagms, particularly in French, where the typically French phenomenon of "liaison" creates a unique case of stuttering. The consequences for speech therapy are discussed.