• Caroline SCHAETZEN (DE) (Bruxelles, Belgique)
    Corpus et Terminologie : construction de corpus spécialisés pour la confection de dictionnaires
    (Corpora and terminology: Building specialised corpora for making dictionaries)
    1996, Vol. I-2, pp. 57-76

    Construction of dictionaries or specialised glossaries is more and more based on large corpora. This article aims at presenting a state of the art of the numerous technical problems that arise in the construction and exploitation of these corpora, and on computer programmes developed to help solve these problems.

  • Caroline SCHAETZEN (DE) (Bruxelles, Belgique)
    Le vocabulaire des produits génériques dans la grande distribution
    (The vocabulary of generic products in commercial distribution networks)
    2001, Vol. VI-2, pp. 103-113

    The food and non-food terms from big stores deserve a thorough analysis: in today's self-service shopping, labels mentioning these denominations sell the products, together with the brand of the concern making them; second, this increasingly international terminology is currently coined or corrected with marketing and publicity specialists; last but not least, these terms include a series of vulgarized scientific ones which help understand vulgarization mechanisms.