• Leonardo Maria SAVOIA & Elisabetta CARPITELLI (Florence, Italie / Grenoble)
    Problèmes de micro-variation phonologique dans les domaines dialectaux de l'Italie septentrionale
    (Problems in phonological micro-variation in dialects of Northern Italy)
    2008, Vol. XIII-2, pp. 103-119

    Northern Italian varieties are usually divided by traditional dialectology into closed subgroups according to a rigid areal model based on isoglosses. From this viewpoint, the gallo-italian subgroup is considered a well defined and compact set, separated not only from Southern Italian varieties but also from Northern dialects of Venetia and the Rheto-roman domain. The detailed analysis of fieldwork data the micro-variation approach needs, together with an appropriate phonological theory – in this case, Government Phonology – allows to describe, in an unitary framework, a lot of processes often considered heterogeneous and independent. This perspective reveals unexpected convergences between dialects whose similarities could be made opaque in a taxonomical and historical comparative approach.