• Gema SANZ ESPINAR (Madrid, Espagne)
    Lexique des procès. Rôle textuel et rôle dans l’acquisition des langues
    (The role of verbal lexicon at text level in SL- and FL-acquisition)
    2002, Vol. VII-2, pp. 71-87

    Verbal lexicon has key functions at textual level. Competence in second language - and specially narrative competence, with which we are dealing here - can be influenced by lack of verbal lexicon, by partial acquisition or idiosyncratic acquisition of it. A textual and conceptual approach of some narrative productions in French and Spanish as first and second languages (FLM, ELM, FLE and ELE) will allow us to compare both cases in these two languages in order to make clear how oral narratives are built up at propositional level (mainly, the explicit reference to processes, space and temporality) and at suprapropositional level (cohesion and coherence). Finally, we will study the influence of real oral input in the learners' oral productions.