• Brendan O'REGAN, Annick RIVENS MOMPEAN & Piet DESMET (Lille 3)
    From Spell, Grammar and Style Checkers to Writing Aids for English and French as a Foreign Language: Challenges and Opportunities
    2010, Vol. XV-2, pp. 67-84

    For spell and grammar checkers to be useful, they need to be geared towards language learners. In this paper, we focus on spelling, grammar and style checkers, which have been specifically designed for learners of French and English, some of them evolving towards real writing aids. We examine the features of the programs on the market which characterise this evolution towards real writing aids. This paper examines the capabilities of these writing tools when faced with a corpus of learner-written production and evaluates the opportunities these findings present us with as well as the challenges that lay ahead for an efficient integration within a foreign language learning environment focusing on written expression.

  • Piet DESMET & Annick RIVENS MOMPEAN (Lille 3)
    Présentation. ELAO et production écrite : bilan et perspectives
    (Computer Assisted Language Learning and Written Expression: Overview and Prospects)
    2010, Vol. XV-2, pp. 5-8