• Françoise BOCH, Francis GROSSMANN & Fanny RINCK (Grenoble 3 / Université Grenoble-Alpes)
    Conformément à nos attentes... : les marqueurs de convergence/divergence dans l'article de linguistique
    (As expected...: markers of convergence/divergence in linguistic articles)
    2007, Vol. XII-2, pp. 109-122

    This article presents the qualitative analysis of a corpus of published linguistics articles. Two types of lexical markers were studied: those signaling convergence (e.g. conformément à nos attentes) or signaling divergence (e.g. contre toute attente), in relation to the expectations of the writer-researcher or of the larger scientific community. The objective of this study is to examine to what extent these markers reveal the way the writer-researcher constructs and validates knowledge in their article. The corpus analysis found several functions for these markers, thus highlighting a wide variety of possible expectations. As a result, we argue that such an analysis must not only see these markers as linked to other terms but must also to take into account their relation to the entire text. Therefore, markers of convergence and divergence may not necessarily be the locus of an implied scientific reasoning. However, they potentially express various epistemological styles.