• Marc RELIEU (École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommu)
    Remarques sur l’analyse conversationnelle et les technologies médiatisées
    (Some remarks on conversational analysis and communication technology)
    2006, Vol. XI-2, pp. 17-32

    This paper presents how both classical conversation analysis studies and recent, applied CA-oriented works conceive the link between conversational organization and technology. First, we discuss the role of the telephone in classic CA Studies and in more recent debates on mobile phone conversations. Through a discussion of a recent CA-inspired study of mobile instant messaging, we stress the relevance of CA for the understanding of practical orientations to technological features in mediated conversations. Finally we argue that the development of CA-inspired research in the evaluative process of new communication technologies design is an opportunity for identifying generic features of the interactional organization, while they permit to deepen our understanding of sequential environments. We develop this idea through a presentation of a study focused on interacting exchanges.