• Denise MALRIEU & François RASTIER (CNRS-Paris)
    Genres et variations morphosyntaxiques
    ('Genres' and morphosyntactic variations)
    2000, Vol. V-2, pp. 101-120

    A differential statistical analysis of 2600 integral texts of a French language textual database parsed and tagged by the parser CORDIAL enabled us to test and exploit the notion of "textual genre". A previous texts "manual" classification enabled us to combine deductive and inductive approaches to test the existence of significative differences between discourses, generic fields and genres, attested on 250 morphosyntactic variables. The univariate analysis shows more and stronger differences between discourses and generic fields than between narrative genres. The ascending hierarchical classification confirms the differences between discourses and generic fields (legal vs others ; theatre and poetry vs narrative genres), but it establishes mixed classes at the bottom of the hierarchy, the detective novel constrasting more with the other narrative genres. These results confirm the interest of the notion of genre for textual linguistic analysis, strengthen Hjelmslev's hypothesis that syntax belongs to linguistic content, and show scale solidarities between global text level and local word level, that have been until now unnoticed.