• Berthille PALLAUD & Marie SAVELLI (Aix-en-Provence / Grenoble)
    L’oral enfantin : comment l’évaluer ?
    (Methods for evaluating speech production in children)
    2001, Vol. VI-1, pp. 121-135

    One of the main problems in establishing linguistic dysfunctioning resides in the definition of the 'comparison group'. The numerous studies today in the domain of oral proficiency, have shown that comparing oral with written language production can seriously bias the outcome. As for children's speech, the evaluation is sometimes even more seriously biased by what may be called 'adultocentrism', which allows to conclude too hastily and/or erroneously for language dysfunctioning. In this article we want to show what can be considered as common errors in oral language proficiency of children, and what might be indicative of more specific problems.