• Christian OLLIVIER (La Réunion)
    Ecriture collaborative en ligne : une approche interactionnelle de la production écrite pour des apprenants acteurs sociaux et motivés
    (Collaborative Writing Online : An Interactional Approach to Written Production for Active and Motivated Social Learners)
    2010, Vol. XV-2, pp. 121-137

    The communication and collaboration tools that are available on the web 2.0 offer new opportunities for teaching and learning languages. We present here the results of two similar experiments on collaborative writing for the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. We show that working with Wikipedia initiates a real collaborative process between the students, the Wikipedian Community and the teacher and that this kind of task - which includes real social interactions - is a motivating factor for the learners. Based on these results we promote the implementation of real life tasks and of an "interactional approach".