Corpus diachroniques
    (Diachronic Corpora)
    1999, Vol. IV-1, pp. 31-39

    After having reminded what distinguishes a database from a corpus, the author of the present article gives a rapid overview of the most important documentary sources that exist today in the domain of French diachrony, after which she demonstrates first, what use can be made of them thanks to a series of tools available today, and second, and more important, how the access to large corpora allow us to review our analysis of linguistic facts, and invites us to a qualitative change in our linguistic reasoning.

  • Céline GUILLOT, Alexei LAVRENTIEV & Christiane MARCHELLO-NIZIA (ENS-LSH Lyon / ENS LSH Lyon / ENS)
    Les corpus de français médiéval : état des lieux et perspectives
    2007, Vol. XII-1, pp. 125-128