• Marie-Claude L'HOMME (Montréal, Canada)
    Ressources lexicales, terminologiques et ontologiques : une analyse comparative dans le domaine de l’informatique
    (Lexical, terminological and ontological resources: a comparative analysis in the field of computer science)
    2008, Vol. XIII-1, pp. 97-118

    The automatic or semi-automatic processing of texts often requires an access to external resources (e.g., lexical and terminological databases or ontologies), which can differ greatly in terms of both form and content. External resources can be used to assist other forms of processing and are expected to supply linguistic information - especially semantic information - that is not explicitly expressed in running text. In this article, the potential interest of lexical and terminological sources as well as ontologies for analyzing terms in specialized texts will be examined and evaluated. The evaluation takes into account the contents and the descriptive perspective of sources. We will focus on the field of computing assuming that this domain is representative of many others. The presence and description of 75 specific terms has been analyzed in six different sources. Results show that sources do not take into account the entire set of linguistic properties of terms.