• Martin HOWARD (Cork, Irlande)
    Les interrelations entre les facteurs contextuels contraignant l'emploi variable des temps du passé. Une étude d'apprenants avancés du français
    (Interaction between contextual factors and variation in the use of past tenses by anglophone learners of French)
    2002, Vol. VII-2, pp. 31-42

    Given the range of linguistic factors which have previously been proposed as constraints on the linguistic variation characterising the expression of past time by the second language learner, it is difficult to pinpoint which single factor is genuinely at work behind this phenomenon in learner language. In an attempt to distinguish between the effects of such multiple factors in anglophone advanced learners of French, this paper presents quantitative evidence which suggests that no single factor outweighs another. Rather, each factor 'interacts' with every other, in such a way that the causes of that variation are not singular but indeed multiple.