• Laurent HEURLEY (Amiens)
    Compréhension et utilisation de textes procéduraux : l'effet de l'ordre de mention des informations
    (Comprehending and using procedural texts: the order of presentation of information)
    2001, Vol. VI-2, pp. 29-46

    Many psycholinguistic and ergonomic studies on procedural texts have, directly or indirectly, addressed the question of the effect of information order on user's processing. Results obtained in these studies gave rise to three general conclusions : (1) the way procedural texts are read, understood and their instructions followed depends on information order ; (2) initial mention of the main information (i. e. superordinate information) in texts, information blocks and sentences facilitates the processing of the text ; (3) the order of information effect depends on multiple factors such as : users' strategies, users' prior knowledge, referent and situation structures.