• Patrick HANKS & James PUSTEJOVSKY (Brandeis University, États-Unis)
    A Pattern Dictionary for Natural Language Processing
    2005, Vol. X-2, pp. 63-82

    This paper briefly surveys three of the main resources for word sense disambiguation that are currently in use - WordNet, FrameNet, and Levin classes - and proposes an alternative approach, focusing on verbs and their valencies. This new approach does not attempt to account for all possible uses of a verb, but rather all its normal uses ("norms"). By corpus pattern analysis (CPA), the normal patterns of use of verbs are established. A meaning ("primary implicature") is associated with each pattern. The patterns are then available as benchmarks against which the probable meaning of any sentence can be measured. The status of abnormal or unusual uses ("exploitations") is also briefly discussed. Also, three kinds of alternation are recognized: syntactic diathesis alternations, semantic-type alternations, and lexical alternations.