• Emmanuel SCHANG, Jean-Louis ROUGÉ, Iris ESHKOL & Mélanie PETIT (Orléans / Orléans)
    CreolData : une base de données lexicales sur les langues créoles
    (CreolData: a lexical database on creole languages)
    2005, Vol. X-1, pp. 65-76

    This paper presents CreolData, a multilingual lexical database concerning the Portuguese-based Creole Languages of Africa. In section 2, we describe the goals of the project. Section 3 is devoted to a short description of the languages of the database. We then give an overview of XML and the standards for electronic dictionarie, and focus on the macrostructure the microstructure (sections 4, 5 and 6) Finally, we give an outlook for future developments of this project (section 7).