• Philippe BOULA DE MAREÜIL & Plínio A. BARBOSA (Paris Sud / Unicamp)
    Characterisation of speaking styles and foreign accent through imitation: comparison between French and Brazilian Portuguese
    2018, Vol. XXIII-1, pp. 31-44

    In the reported study, we asked French and Brazilian Portuguese native speakers to read a text in a neutral way (in both languages), imitating a broadcast news style and imitating a Brazilian/French foreign accent. The main goal was to analyze which salient features imitators reinforce as indicative of a speaking style or a foreign accent, in terms of prosody (initial accentuation, melody and silent pause duration) especially, as well as at the segmental level of the /R/ pronunciation for Brazilian/French accents. In French as in Brazilian Portuguese, results highlight that initial prominence is an essential characteristic of the broadcaster style, whereas /R/ pronunciation is one of the most important parameters signaling a foreign accent.