Zweisprachige Korpora

  • Maria SVENSSON (Uppsala, Suède)
    Marqueurs corrélatifs en français et en suédois : l’'exemple de non seulement... mais et inte bara... utan
    (Correlational markers in French and Swedish: the example of non seulement... mais and inte bara... utan)
    2011, Vol. XVI-2, pp. 41-56

    We will present a study of the French correlative marker non seulement... mais in comparison to inte bara... utan in Swedish. On the basis of a bilingual corpus of original texts in the two languages and translations in the two directions, we will show how these markers contribute to the organization of discourse in specialized literature in the humanities. Our analysis will focus on the formal, contextual, semantic and argumentative similarities and differences between non seulement... mais and inte bara... utan. The contrastive perspective will allow a description of differences and similarities between the languages, as well as point out the difficulties of translation. Furthermore, it will contribute to the description of the function of these correlative markers in each language.